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A specialized form of therapy, Biokinetics assists rehabilitation and improves performance through exercise. An established science, biokintetics uses movement and exercise to improve physical function, health and quality of life.

Our Biokinetics Team

Lexi Loizou

A highly qualified Biokinetics expert, Lexi gained her BA in Human Kinetics & Ergonomics and Psychology at Rhodes before studying both honours degrees in Biokinetics and Sports Science at the University of Pretoria. She is also is a qualified BASI Pilates instructor.

Practicing Biokinetics for over a decade, Lexi combines her learnings and practical experience to provide bespoke solutions for those she helps with sports injuries. 

She also specializes in bike fit, running analysis and works with runners, cyclists and triathletes with sports conditioning to improve performance.

As someone that has personal experience with hip injuries she is passionate about assisting patients with hip problems.

Erika Burns

Completing the Biokinetics team, Erika works alongside Lexi ably assisting her to provide a best in class treatment to their patients.

A certified STOTT Mat and Equipment Pilates teacher she gained her qualification in Port Elizabeth in 2012. 

Her knowledge and experience of classic Pilates and Pilates for athletes as well as specializing in posture correctness brings further expertise to the team and completes a full spectrum of ability for those looking for the right Biokinetics solution to aid in treatment, performance and overall wellness.

Biokinetics Can Help With 

Injury Rehabilitation

After analysis of medical history and full assessment a prescribed exercise plan is offered to aid in rehabilitation.

Improved Posture

We evaluate your posture before applying solutions that negate any negative health issues poor posture can cause.

Chronic Illness Management

Tailored Biokinetics program can help alleviate symptoms of chronic illness and improve overall wellness.

Improved Sports Performance

Biokinetics, the science of movement, improves physical ability through prescribed exercise.

Running Analysis

Observation and analysis of your running is performed before applying Biokinetics to improve technique and overall performance.

Bike Fit

Applying Biokinetics to how you ride your bike provides efficiencies in power and performance that benefit cyclists of all levels.

Post Operation Rehabilitation

Strengthening specific areas of your body pre and post operation can help you recover more quickly.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

We can safely design an individual exercise program to aid cardiac rehabilitation and improve general wellness.

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